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September Invitational

September 9 - October 2

Featuring: Edward Chesnovitch, Eileen Casey, Simie Maryles, Alice Mongeau, Carol Odell, Jackie Reeves, Paul Schulenburg, Kate Nelson, Marc Kundmann, Peter Coes, Jack Garver, Maryalice Eizenberg, Timothy Jon Struna, Robert Mesrop, Karol Wykoff, Ginny Nickerson, Joan Brancale, John Clayton, Jan Collins Selman, Marieluise Hutchinson, Odin Smith, Dale Michaels Wade, Susan O'Brien McLean, JoAnn Ritter, Ken Northup, Joyce Zavorskas, Vera Champlin, David Kelley, Michael Giaquinto, Laurel Wilson, Susan Hollis, Rosalie Nadeau, William Davis, Jane Eccles, Andrea Petitto, Steve Kennedy, Susan Overstreet, Hiram Ball, Betsy Payne-Cook, William Davis, Tilda Bystrom, Marian  Strangfeld, Norma  Mutch, Robin Litwin, Ann Hart, Sherry Rhyno, Kely Knowles, Sarah Holl, Kathleen Edmonston, Mary Moquin, Karen North Wells, Doris Mee, Claudia Smith-Jacobs, Jim Holland


Coming up

14th autumn sacrifice art sale

Drop off- Thursday October 4, 10am-2pm
Sale Dates- Friday Oct 5, 9-4pm and Saturday Oct 6, 9-2pm
Pick up- Tuesday Oct 9, 10-2pm