Andrea Petitto: Palette Knife and Beyond- Oil/Acrylic


Andrea Petitto: Palette Knife and Beyond- Oil/Acrylic

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Summer Mini Class-Mon, Tues, Wed

August 26, 27, 28- 1-4pm

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This course is for oil and acrylic painters who would like to enliven their paintings through the use of a variety of tools. We will work on techniques and approaches using palette knives, scrapers, rollers, paint shapers, stencils and other items to create a wide variety of marks and textures in our paintings. All aspects of painting will also be addressed: value, color temperature, composition etc.

Each class will focus on one or two new techniques. We will be keeping the subject matter simple so that we can focus on mark making methods and composition. 

Students are encouraged to avoid the use of solvents in this class. Instead, see the materials list. Some use of brushes is likely, but oil can be used to clean brushes in class. 


Painting support - stretched canvas or panel sizes between 12 x 12” and 16 x 20”, smooth surface is better than rough. Panels can work better than stretched canvas when using many tools, though either is acceptable.

Paints that you normally use - oil or acrylic only. PLEASE do not bring “student grade” paints. These have very poor pigmentation and will lead to disappointing results. 

Suggested colors: 

an opaque white (titanium is good)
warm red
magenta or alizarin crimson
cadmium yellow or similar
yellow ochre
ultramarine blue
burnt sienna or iron oxide red 

A palette for your paints.

For Oil Painters: Walnut oil (can be bought from Dick Blick - M Graham is least expensive - or walnut oil from grocery store is useable) and a container for holding a modest amount of the walnut oil. Please use metal or plastic containers, not glass. This is to avoid shattered glass if a container is dropped. Gel medium: Webber’s Res-n-gel is good, Gamblin gel medium is good. Viva paper towels … the old kind that’s soft like cloth.

For Acrylic painters: Acrylic paints plus an acrylic medium, e.g. Golden Satin Glazing Liquid and/or Golden Soft Gel. Bring containers for water (metal or plastic containers, not glass) and also rubbing alcohol for some cleanup and to use for rubbing down through dried layers of paint. Bounty paper towels.

Tools: Palette knives (Langnickel are good knives. Cape Cod Camera and Art in Trees Place in Orleans carries them). Scrapers such as Princeton Catalyst Wedges and Contours (see Dick Blick), Rollers such as Speedball brayers, Paint Shapers (see Dick Blick), and stencils (craft stores,, etc. Brushes that you usually use including the largest brush you have. 

Protection for your hands: Either gloves (vinyl exam gloves can be found at CVS in various sizes) or a barrier cream such as Artguard (can be bought from Dick Blick).